How to Install an Infant Car Seat

Five out of every six car seats are improperly installed. You want your baby to be safe! Be sure to read the installation manual from each of the products you can review here at Goo Goo Gear.

Some of the best car seat tips for installation and best practices are found in this video –

How to Install an Infant Car Seat

 Tips include:

  1. Car seats are meant to only last 5 years.

  2. Car seats should never be in the front seat.

  3. Infant car seats should have the infant facing backwards.

  4. Convertible car seats need to have the harness adjust as your baby grows.

  5. Most common mistake is a harness that is too loose.


When in doubt, take your baby and car seat to your local police station and ask them for installation tips. Most police Police capstations are equipped with an expert to double check the safety of your car seat and baby’s comfort.


What are your 2 cents, Mama?