Huggies vs Pampers, Best Baby Diapers

Dispose of those Huggies or Pampers in a diaper pail like the BABY TREND DELUXE DIAPER CHAMP.

Dispose of those Huggies or Pampers in a diaper pail like the BABY TREND DELUXE DIAPER CHAMP.

There are so many brands of diapers out there it’s overwhelming. That’s what a few of my friends were observing in their conversation today on Facebook today. So you’re a mother, what’s your favorite diaper brand?  For most of my friends, it was either Huggies vs Pampers. Add your vote in the comments!

Erin writes “I loved pampers for newborn and size 1. Size 2 and up we’ve always used Huggies. I order them online from If you sign up for their “subscribe & save” program they give you a discount and ship them right to your doorstep with free shipping. Love it!”

Amber says when it comes to disposable, “Just buy the cheap stuff: Parent’s Choice works just fine for us. We do like Huggies or the Costco brand (which I hear is actually Huggies.) We haven’t had problems with the cheap stuff really.” But when it comes to cloth diapers Amber thinks “BumGenius are the best! We mostly do cloth, but disposables at night & out & about or on vacation.”

Melanie exclaims, “We love the Costco brand!”

Then there’s also the point of view from a father. James analyzes, “Mr. Mom here. Pampers are the best for our long and skinny Nora, but it all depends on the shape of your baby.”

Kristie writes, “We liked Pampers Swaddlers for newborn and size 1 then Huggies the rest of the way ( if you get it when they are on coupon at Costco they are pretty cheap.) my sis in law does get pampers from Amazonmom. Just try a few different ones once baby is here and you’ll find the one that fits best  good luck! babies are so fun!”

Liz: “I’m a true pampers fan but we use Huggies now because they don’t carry Aubrey’s size at SAMs club or Costco anymore. I agree about the body shape thing though. I’ve heard pampers work best for skinny little ones (like our girls have always been) and Huggies work better for chubby little legs.”

Ashley agrees with a few others as well, “Pars has always been a skinny little thing so he pees out the sides of the Huggies. I have always used Pampers and love them. I do the Amazon mom thing too. Saves you a few bucks each time congrats!!”

Alexis got pretty excited about her unique opinion, “Honest company!!!!! Free of dangerous chemicals and bleaches and they send you a months supply every month. It is Jessica Alba’s company. I spend less than what I did when I bought Huggies and wipes at Costco plus I never have to go to the store for diapers. Super cute designs too!!!!!!!”

Cathrine, “Pampers for newborns and up to 1’s. After that I buy Huggies in bulk at Costco.”

I’m sensing a theme here, Costco seems to be pretty popular!

Kayleen writes, “I like huggies. Just because they seem to fit my babe really well and I like the material better than Pampers’. I use the ‘natural’ kind they offer.  P.S. But I have often used whatever no-name brand I happen to run onto and they work just as well, if you’re looking to save $!”

Another one for Pampers Swaddlers, “We use Pampers Swaddlers. But Allie is really skinny! So they have worked really well for us! I buy them on amazon too!” says Candice.

Kaitlan gives another vote to Huggies,  “We like the Huggies. just buy some of everything for your baby and find what fits best.  We got probably every type of diaper at showers and tried them that way.”

A try them all strategy eh? That might do the trick! (Baby showers are great for this!)

Brian offers another father’s pragmatic advice on diapers, “We really like the Target brand Up and Up. They are cheap and work great.”

Okay, so you’ve ready what several parents have said, what do you think? Add your own opinion in the comments and share this post on Facebook so others can join in on the conversation.

And… when you’re ready to dispose of those Huggies or Pampers use a diaper pail like the BABY TREND DELUXE DIAPER CHAMP.


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