Goo Goo Talk

Learning a new language is hard work! “Goo Goo Talk” as I like to call it, is what my newborn is attempting.

I’m sure anyone who struggled with their foreign language requirement in college will agree.   And they say it only gets tougher as you get older.   Indeed!  Can someone tell me what CSS and PHP stand for?  And since when is magenta (or Magento, for that matter) more than a color? I should be able to throw these terms into the Google translate machine, but alas…  And so, I find myself uttering these technical terms, trying to fake-speak this foreign language.

Dat, dat. E-dit-a. Pappyda.

Little Miss Amelia is trying Goo Goo talk too. She seems to have grasped the concept that every object has a name. Excellent! And she has resorting to fake-speaking, as well.  “Babbling” — if you want to be technical about it.  Determined to communicate her needs, she spits out her orders.  And her language skills are evolving.  “Ahh, Ahhhhhh” recently became “wawa,” and I learned that this means “Mom, give me my sippy cup of water, now!”

I’ve been talking to consultants about designing my site.  I still sound like a babbling child, but I’m determined to learn enough of this new language to have my needs met, as well!



What are your 2 cents, Mama?