Becoming the Jetsons

It is with great pleasure that I stumbled upon a Fortune Magazine article this weekend announcing that the future had finally arrived. Thanks to companies like 4Moms, robotic systems are finally being used to improving baby gear. (The 2 Dads behind 4Moms are fantastic – see this great interview on TechCrunch.) A stroller that folds itself??!!
That sound you hear: it’s the millions of moms out there, exhaling a sigh of relief from the fatigue of crawling down on all fours to fold their indispensable baby-mobile.  Ahhhhhh.
The fact is that parents need help.  Raising kids isn’t easy.  Everyone knows that.  So it’s amazing that it’s taken this long for us to apply our technological advances to the baby product industry.  The idea isn’t new.  We’ve been dreaming of it since George Jetson hit a simple eject button on his flying car to drop Elroy off at school.  Nestle caught on; creating the first high-tech, coffee maker style machine for baby formula – the BabyNes system (though it’s only available in Switzerland – urgh!). 
So help’s on the way!  
I used to long for Judy’s automatic outfit changer, with the endless options and accessories.  Now,  I’ll gladly slide into mother Jane’s shoes, but will someone please create a high chair with a robotic vacuum that cleans up what Amelia has thrown on the floor!  Really. Please!

What are your 2 cents, Mama?