Potty Training Tips for Girls – It’s All in the Potty

Potty Training Tips for Girls.The number one tip I can give you on potty training tips for girls and boys is to buy the right equipment. We’ve reviewed handfuls of potties here at Goo Goo Gear, all with their pros and cons. Sure you can have your child watch you to learn from you, but if you don’t equip them with the right tools you’re in for a challenging task. After all, you really want to get out of the changing dirty diaper phase – am I right? (If you’re still in the dirty diaper phase, check out some of our garbage pails…)

Your child will tell you when they’re ready. They’ll show you interest. At first signs of Amelia (she’s in the picture to the left) show­ing interest  I started research­ing potty seats. She was only 15 months old, but could she be ready? Maybe my child was espe­cially gifted in this area!?!? So I col­lected the data (posted it here to share!) and I was res­olute that the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair was the right one for Amelia. We ordered it online, and eagerly unpacked it when it arrived. “Look, Amelia, your very own potty!” We put it in the bath­room, right by mommy’s potty, and showed her how to sit on it. Cheer­ing and clap­ping the whole time; try­ing to con­vince her that this was a fun skill she could master.

BabyBjorn Potty Chair

But Amelia quickly reminded us that she likes to do things her own way. She stood up, turned around to face the potty, and tried to get on it back­wards, strad­dling the sides and hold­ing onto the back­rest. Huh??? We tried again: turn­ing her around, and show­ing how to sit on it, fac­ing the other way. But she just wouldn’t have it! As I noted on the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair review, despite being an amaz­ing, over­all prod­uct, one of the cons in that it has a high guard. This was mak­ing it hard for Amelia to get on and off the seat, so she felt like it was eas­ier to get on the seat while fac­ing it. But then she didn’t have room for her legs because of the back rest that wraps around the sides. The poor thing!

The good news is, tonight she successfully made her momma proud and used the potty! If at first you don’t succeed, try-try-try again. But most importantly, find the right product for your child!

Here are my favorite three products that we’ve given 5/5 ratings to:


BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer












Prince Lionheart weePod Basix










BabyBjorn Potty Chair










Do you have any tips for potty training girls or boys? Share in the comments!


  1. Bergilez says:

    Excellent article! Congrats! GooGooMama!

  2. When your child is ready to transition from the potty chair to the full-size toilet, it’s time to introduce the BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer (White/Red). With its adjustable dial, this ergonomically designed trainer fits toilet seats of all sizes. Soft and comfortable, it allows children to sit for as long as they need to. A built-in splashguard minimizes messes and prevents little legs from getting pinched–a great relief to both kids and parents.

  3. Kieran started showing interest in going on the potty chair shortly after he turned a year old.

  4. Prevents Messes with Built-in Splash GuardMade of durable, PVC- and BPA-free plastic, the Potty Chair has several features that help make potty-training a positive experience for your little one. An integrated splash guard helps minimize unnecessary messes and prevents pinching of little legs, while a non-skid bottom keeps the chair from moving around on slippery bathroom floors. Also, the inner potty sits firmly within the chair, making for little wiggle room and helping prevent leaks and spills.

  5. I bought this potty for my grandson, because I used a similar “European” potty chair for my children 20 years ago. This was as close to the one I had that I could find. I love this potty, it is easy for my 2 year old grandson to use. It is extremely easy to clean. It looks nice. Very stable bottom. There is one tiny flaw. The urine guard in front is just a bit short. Nothing more aggravating then getting the kid to the potty and he wets all over his clothes and floor because the guard is too short. If you have a girl this is a fantastic potty and you should have no problems. I would rate it five stars if I had a granddaughter!

  6. There are many really great things about this Baby Bjorn Chair that make it better than others out on the market. Like many other Baby Bjorn products, this potty chair is ergonomically designed. It has round corners and lots of leg room so your child can get closer to the seat. This particular potty chair also features a high back and arm rests making it more comfortable for your child. This also somewhat restricts their movement somewhat eliminating more messy mishaps. The inner potty seat features a splash guard, as do many others potty seats available, and is removable for easy cleanup. The bottom of the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair also has a rubber edge. This keeps the Bjorn potty chair from moving around on the tile.

  7. I bought this potty chair for my Granddaughter who is 17 months old and beginning to potty train. First of all it looks just like a big potty, only it’s their size. The perfect size at that. Her feet touch the ground perfectly. It has a cute smiley face on the ‘tank’ part, which is a great back rest. The lid easily opens and closes just like a big potty. It also has a handle so the child can ‘flush’ and on the opposite side of the ‘tank’ a retractable toilet paper holder that holds any size toilet paper roll. If you don’t want to put the paper on it, just push holder in and it’s gone! The other awesome feature is it fits perfectly to a big size toilet seat. At first I wasn’t sure it was going to fit, I thought my seat was to small, but then I pushed it down until it snapped into place and WOW…it fits nice and snug! Doesn’t move around or slide at all!! AND there are NO gaps between the little seat and the big seat. It’s a perfect fit. To remove it, simply squeeze in the clips underneath and take it off. On top of ALL of these great features, it also has a sensor so it sings once the child goes potty. You don’t even need a lot. I poured in a very small amount to test it first to see how loud it was or how much it would take to set it off and it goes off immediately once anything touches the sensor, which is located at the center bottom of the removable bowl. It plays a little child’s voice singing a happy song, tells them to use paper and flush and is not to loud or annoying. For kids that might be frightened of it, you can very easily turn it off on a switch under the unit.The product is strong and will last through several potty trainers. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  8. The first part of potty training my 25-month-old is going great. So long as he wears nothing on his bottom, and has the potty in sight, he has done great for sitting down without prompting when he is ready to do #1 or #2. So yays and much praise have come his way for the past couple of weeks. The issue now is that if I put anything on his bottom, even regular underpants or training pants, he seems to think this is a license to go ahead and wet his pants like a diaper. Even though I’ve explained numerous times how the underpants are different than diapers, and try to prompt him to go to the potty when he has them on, it seems like he just doesn’t think he should use the potty chair if he has any kind of bottom covering, and he doesn’t at all mind walking around soaking wet in his pants. So, folks, how do you get to the next step? Thanks for all advice. ”A” for effort, but ”W” for wet!

  9. The BabyBjorn Potty Chair helps your child graduate from the diaper stage. The potty chair is sturdy and rests firmly on the floor. The high backrest and round, ergonomic lines make sitting as comfortable as can be, even for longer periods of time. The inner potty is easy to empty and clean, and the splashguard prevents spills. As with all our plastic products, it is made of recyclable, PVC-free plastic.

  10. I didn’t see the original post, but it sounds like you are using cloth diapers. Cloth-diapered kids potty train a year or more earlier than disposable diaper kids. (If more parents knew that, I bet more would use cloth!) Everyone I know who used cloth had children trained around two years old.

What are your 2 cents, Mama?