Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat – Top Reviews & Key Info

  • Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car SeatPrice Range: $270 to $320
  • GooGooLove: ♥♥♥♥ (4/5)
  • Pros:
    • Safecell Technology to absorb impact
    • EZ-Buckle system
    • Strong steel bars = safety
  • Cons:
    • Can’t adjust recline once anchored in
    • Velcro patches that hold straps aside don’t really work
    • Must hand wash & line-dry cover
  • Child’s Weight & Length Limitations:
    • Rear-Facing:
      • Weight: 5-40 lbs
      • Height: 49″ or less
      • Seated Shoulder Height: 9″- 16.75″
    • Forward-Facing:
      • Weight:  Up to 70 lbs
      • Height: 49″ or less
      • Seated Shoulder Height: 12″- 16.75″
  • Product Weight & Dimensions: 21.6 lbs; 22″W x 26″H x 21″D

Most Helpful Reviews Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars(5/5) – 2/10/2012 – I went with Britax Boulevard 70 CS; – it had more protection than Marathon (head and lower body cushions insert), – it has clip and click option (it clicks when baby is strapped safe, no need to recheck with fingers between baby and straps), Marathon and regular Boulevard don’t have this option, – it doesn’t have bulky wide additional support for head like Advocate CS…. The only minus is hand washing and line drying….  (read more and buy it at
  • 3.0 out of 5 stars(3/5) – 4/25/2012 – Not sure if I am the only one having this problem. But the harness is very hard to loosen. I feel like I am hurting my baby’s shoulders or neck as I try to pull the harness loose….  Another thing I am having a hard time with is, when rear facing, it is so hard to recline/incline the back of the seat. I thought maybe something was stuck so I tried to remove the seat belt buckle and tried to recline it…. (read more and buy it at
  • 4.0 out of 5 stars(4/5) – 10/12/2012 – … Britax is one of the best and safest car seat brands. It is one of the only brands that test crashes their car seats…. Strong steel bars = safety. Even though it is heavy, it was extremely easy to put into my car and secure it tightly, using the LATCH system…. The only negative I have about it is that I would like to keep my son rear facing until he is two but he is getting too long. Since the edge of the car seat is right up against the backseat of the car, his legs are becoming smooshed into the back of the seat…. (read more and buy it at
  • 3.0 out of 5 stars(3/5) – 8/12/2012 – … This is an average carseat for a more than average price. If you can afford a pricier carseat, I would recommend going up a level for better execution of usability. Positive Feedback: Installation was a breeze, as any carseat these days should be…. Frustrations: The velcro patches on the sides are meant to keep the straps out of the way while loading your child into the seat… (read more and buy it at
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Gear in Action

  • See a video by Britax here.

What the Makers Say

  • HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology are affixed to the seat shell to ensure proper positioning while SafeCells compress to manage energy and provide resistance to the forward movement of your child in a crash, reducing the risk of head injury
    EZ-Buckle System retains the harness buckle in a forward position and prevents the child from sitting on the buckle when boarding
  • True Side Impact Protection is deep side walls with energy-absorbing EPP foam along with a head restraint which offers a double layer of EPP foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body while keeping them “in true” or aligned
  • Base with SafeCell Technology features SafeCells designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat
  • Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash
  • Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether features a staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching the child, and a two-point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat
  • Tangle-Free, Five-Point Harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit
    70-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort as your child grows…. (read more at

Any Safety Recalls :( ?

  • November 6, 2012 – BOULEVARD 70-G3 Safety Recall for Car Seats Manufactured Between 6/1/2012 – 8/31/2012.  See full press release from Britax here.

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