How To Use The Magic Eraser In Life

Let’s face it, moms have to make hard decisions. Sometimes that includes spending time at work when we’d rather be being mom at home potty training on the Fisher Price Ducky Fun 3-In-1 Potty. So with the passing of Bring Your Child to Work Day this week, I fully intended to write about my experience and what it means to bring my daughter to a formal office.  Is it too early to start teaching my daughter that she should Lean In, like Sheryl Sandberg urges all women to?  But that it’s acceptable — and sometime necessary — to step out, like Anne-Marie Slaughter has assured us? Only one way to find out, and a magic eraser won’t be able to clean the slate.


At 19 months, my daughter “Miss. A” still doesn’t grasp that Mommy has a separate work life — or that anyone does, for that matter.  We recently bumped into one of her caretakers outside of daycare and my daughter was utterly confused.  I gently explained, “Yes, Miss. Sophia goes home at the end of the day too.”  So, maybe it’s a little too soon to start telling her about this new feminist revolution that’s brewing and how her world may be very different.


But this has all reminded me of my childhood, when I would spend the day at my parents’ office.  They owned their own business, so “Bring Your Child to Work Day” was almost every Saturday, when my siblings and I would raid the supply closets, play with all the stickers (i.e, Avery labels) and highlighters.  And when we were old enough, we even got to help file and collate!  Of course, that was only possible — and necessary — because my parents owned their own business.


My daughter doesn’t experience Mommy at work.  That world remains foreign to her.  I’m excited to teach my daughter about all the opportunities I hope she’ll have.  But in the meantime, she sees Mommy doing plenty of housework.  And so, while I’m thankful for all the opportunities I have — that earlier generations of women fought for — I am also grateful to the brilliant minds that invented Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.

Before and After the Magic Eraser :)

Magic Eraser - Before Magic Eraser - After












If only my baby proofing product reviews were up already, maybe this wouldn’t have happened?


  1. Michele Bergilez says:

    Amazing! Should always have an extra in your pocket! Does it work on antiques?

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