How to Check Baby Product Recalls

Baby products get recalled all the time. It has a lot to do with our sensitivity to protecting our children. After all, nobody wants to use a recalled product on their baby. So how do you check baby products for a recall?


Let’s take one of our more popular items for example, the DREAM BABY DELUXE BATHTUB SAFETY SEAT. Of course, one of the easiest ways to check for a recall on most baby products is to just check Every baby product on our site has a collection of reviews from across the web. And most importantly, we have looked into whether there is an active recall. So for the DREAM BABY DELUXE BATHTUB SAFETY SEAT, there are no recalls.


But as time goes on, a particular product can get recalled even if it receive high safety praise initially. That’s why we always suggest checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.


Consumer Product Safety Commission


After checking for baby product recalls you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing there’s nothing to worry about.

Sometimes even the government gets it wrong though. They can’t possibly accurately review 15,000 types of products perfectly. So when in doubt, always try to ask someone you know who has used the baby gear. A mother’s intuition knows best. But if the only thing you do is read the reviews on Goo Goo Gear you’ll at least have a pretty good idea how the public at large feels about the product. Because at Goo Goo Gear we include both bad and good reviews and let you decide for yourself.

Most Helpful Reviews on the Dream Baby Deluxe Bath Seat


You can also report unsafe products here:

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