Summer Infant 3 Stage Reward Potty Trainer & Step Stool – Top Reviews & Key Info

  • Summer Infant 3 Stage Reward Potty Trainer & Step StoolPrice: $20- $25
  • GooGooLove: ♥♥♥ (3/5)
  • Pros:
    • Looks like a real toilet
    • Multiple stages
    • Sturdy & comfortable
  • Cons:
    • Hard to clean; urine doesn’t stay in bowl
    • Small hole
    • Splash guard detaches

Most Helpful Reviews on the Summer Infant 3 Stage Reward Potty Trainer & Step Stool.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars(3/5) – 2/27/2012 – I chose this potty chair because it stated that the cup part for the boys was suppose to be one of the highest available with potty. This unfortunately wasn’t true. My son still urinated over it. Also the urine wouldn’t all stay in the bowl provided, it would get into the base of the potty which was difficult to clean…. (read more and buy it at
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars(5/5) – 1/25/2012 – This is a great little potty. Great colors and has multiple stages. My daughter loves it. She feels like such a big girl and you can take the inner seat out of the potty and put it on your toilet. Cant rave about this one more would buy it again in a heart beat. (read more and buy it at
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars(5/5) – 11/1/2012 – … This product worked really well for us, and I really liked how easy it is to clean–all the pieces come out and fit together easily. I never used the attached TP roll (too tempting for little fingers who like to unravel) and the attached wipes storage is a good idea, but they dry out easily. I didn’t get it for those features, I just wanted an easy to clean, sturdy, non-princess themed potty and this fit the bill!…. (read more and buy it at
  • 1.0 out of 5 stars(1/5) – 7/25/2012 – … But the worst part about this potty is that urine gets EVERYWHERE…. Also. because the urine guard is detachable (since girls probably don’t need it), my son would often end up knocking it down into the bowl with his behind, as he tried to sit down on the potty…. (read more and buy it at
  • 3.0 out of 5 stars(3/5) – 4/6/2011 – … I love the high guard for my son. It was very difficult to find a potty with a high enough guard so as not to make a mess. I also think it is easy to take apart and clean, but I absolutely hate that the seat retains an y form of liquid. When my son sits down, the seat just sounds wet…. (read more and buy it at
  • 1.0 out of 5 stars(1/5) – 8/11/2009 – … The pee leaks under the seat and goes into the bottom of the potty, not all ends up in the bucket. So then you have to snap off the bottom part of the potty which is very hard to do and you can’t just simply wipe it out because of all the grooves and area’s that pee gets into you have to wash it out. The step stool part of the potty is not good either, the lid is too flimsy making it unstable and unsafe for kids to stand on…. (read more and buy it at

Gear in Action

  • See a video review here.

What the Makers Say

  • For parents wanting to teach their child potty tips they’ll apply beyond the first stages, the Summer Infant Step-by-Step Potty Trainer is the perfect item. It provides your little one with all the necessary tools to properly potty train while encouraging good hygiene and toilet habits…. (read more at

Any Safety Recalls :( ?

  • Not that we’ve heard.  For the most up-to-date information, search the Consumer Products Safety Division’s website here.

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